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Demo versions

To get Overseer Parking Demo version, please, contact company managers.


Documentation for installation

Overseer Install Guide
Overseer Uninstall Guide

Documentation for administrator

Users. Access settings
Channel configuration in Overseer Parking
Recognition settings
Settings, stored in the database
Directions configurator
Configuration files in Parking system
Configuring remote work with video and video archive
How to connect external device to work with Parking system

Documentation for user

"Live" tab
"Events" tab
"Card" tab
"Statistics" tab
Work with video archive

Documentation for VITReports module

VITReports Module Installation Guide
VITReports Module User’s Guide


Starting work with the system
Hotkeys in settings
Overseer FAQ
Setting dual-monitor mode

Video Tutorials

  1. Film Overseer Parking Live Tab:

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  1. Film Overseer Parking Events Tab:

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  1. Film Overseer Parking Card File Tab:

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  1. Film Overseer Parking Statistics Tab:

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  1. Film Overseer Parking Settings Tab Part 1:

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  1. Film Overseer Parking Settings Tab Part 2:

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Overseer Parking+Archive Overseer Parking+Архив Overseer Parking+Archivo