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About Overseer Parking

Overseer Parking system is designed for parking and parking complex work optimizing and automating. It allows creating anintegrated parking event control system, managing client accounting by linkage to their car numbers and flexible adjusting the events that should take place under certain conditions according to the rules set before.

One administrator of Overseer Parking system can easily service the parkings with hundreds parking places and lots of passages and exits without leaving his bureau, because united client base, connected with account balances and parking automates at the passages lets the clients carry out almost all the parking interaction tasks on their own.

Overseer Parking system offers a lot of functions that facilitates the owner’s or manager’s work. Real-time load reports allow easy control of the staff, financial reports are given in the popular formats and allow integrating them with common financial application packages.

System interface is optimized for working with sensor displays, that immensely facilitates learning the system usage, as it is the most forward and intuitive mechanism of working with computer.

System suggests several practical extensions as flexible tariff system, cashier's workplace, libra integration, pass system.

Documentation, video tutorials, demo-versions of Overseer Parking

Overseer Parking

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Implementation Stories

Customs Terminal Orii
Premier Palace
Tetra Pak

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