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Tetra Pak is an international company specializing in production of aseptic equipment and package for liquid food substances, particularly milk. Ultrasound pasteurization technology is valued for its unique ability to preserve beneficial substances in milk while keeping it fresh for prolonged period is considered prominent achievement in food technology of XX century. In the year 1992 Tetra Pak Company started business in Ukraine by opening a plant.


There were a number of problems at the facility:

  • Low efficiency of security services at vehicle checkpoints;
  • Big idle time of vehicles at the plant checkpoints;
  • Lack of operational communication between logistic services, security services and operators at the checkpoints;
  • Existing access system based on cards could not solve these problems.

Overseer Parking System was offered as a solution for these problems.

The system was aimed to solve the following tasks:

  • Movement control automation of enterprise and personnel vehicles;
  • Vehicle access automation;
  • Automatic creation of recognized vehicles database with flexible search and filtration of records;
  • Remote creation of access permits by logistic services;
  • Remote work with recognized vehicles database;
  • Management of execution units.


  1. Partial waiver of paper document circulation on security checkpoints, specifically:
    1. Lists of vehicles and their owners;
    2. Logs of admission to the territory;
  2. Optimized process of access granting by logistic services;
  3. Lowered idle time at the checkpoints:
    1. Ability to work remotely for logistic services and integration of Overseer Parking with execution units lowered idle time from 1.5-2 min to 10 sec for enterprise vehicles at the entry point;
    2. Automatic work of the gate for personnel vehicles increased capacity of the checkpoints by four times;
  4. Increase of the checkpoints work in general:
    1. Decrease of man-work;
    2. Decrease in cost of system maintenance;
    3. Remote control of checkpoint operators work;
    4. Decommission of existing card-based system as duplicating.

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