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About AutoCode VMS

AutoCode for VMS includes best longstanding practices of VIT Company.

AutoCode Parking VMS is license plate recognition module for NUUO observation system. It is designed for optimization and automation of work on territories with limited access (parkings, parking complexes, checkpoints etc.).

AutoCode Traffic VMS is license plate recognition module for NUUO observation system. Along with NUUO software AutoCode Traffic VMS allows recognizing license plates on high-speed facilities (roads, highways, bridges etc.), fixing of traffic rules violation, determining transport vehicles from wanted list, making analysis of traffic stream in automatic mode.

System Features

AutoCode for VMS software package has the following functional features:

  • display "live" VMS video;
  • alert events generation and transmission to VMS;
  • visual and audio alerts issuing to operator;
  • detailed log of events;
  • client separation into groups;
  • flexible billing management;
  • statistics collection, reports generation and export;
  • photo and video archive formation;
  • multi-level access to the system;
  • operator control system.


AutoCode for VMS software package has the following Specifications:

  • recognition rate – up to 96% (the result was obtained during an open independent testing at “Interpolitekh” exhibition in 2007 in single channel mode for Russian license plate type recognition (PRO System CCTV №05[29] 2007 September - October);
  • recognition of more than 30 countries templates;
  • up to 10 license plates recognized simultaneously in picture.

Unlike the majority of recognition modules, AutoCode for VMS works fine when installing cameras on sides:

  • vertical tilt angel of camera is set to 40°;
  • horizontal deflection angle – up to 30°;
  • license plate bank angle in respect of road way – up to 10°.

Documentation, video tutorials, demo-versions of AutoCode VMS

AutoCode for VMS Parking adaddsdads
AutoCode for VMS Traffic

Presentation Materials

AutoCode for VMS info
AutoCode for VMS info
AutoCode for VMS presentation for webinar
AutoCode for VMS Presentation

NUUO MainConsole and Crystall

NUUO company delivers complex solutions based on advanced technologies that combine video control cameras into intellectual system. Combination of network video recorders and hybrid technologies with intelligent video servers provides Company with quick success at the market. NUUO offers its customers reliable and high-performance digital video surveillance systems. Company's products are installed in more than 94,800 projects in 65 countries. Project fields include: public transport, education, government sector, banks, hotels, healthcare, casinos, and industrial facilities. Line of Mainconsole NUUO is a complete solution for recording and managing of 3 video sources (IP, HD-SDI, SD-CCTV). It gives freedom and enhanced functionality to integrators system to meet the diverse project requirements.

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