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About AutoCode XProtect 2.0

AutoCode XProtect 2.0 (VIT Recognition Server) – is number plate recognition module, designed for installation to the video surveillance systems XProtect in versions:Professional, Enterprise, Expert, Express, Corporate 5.0 and Corporate 6.0.

While you are using AutoCode XProtect 2.0, you expand video surveillance system functionality by license plate recognition and broaden your system application scope. This module can be natively installed regardless are you building new system "from scratch" or expanding functionality of existing facilities on some objects. It doesn't require costly upgrades.

AutoCode XProtect 2.0 has moduled sructure which enables unlimited system scaling just by adding reqired modules:

  • VIT LPR- license plate recognition module;
  • VIT Analytic Server - analytic server (Windows service which manage connection settings between XProtect system and recognition channels);
  • VIT Configurator - plugin for Management Application (enables centralized configuration of all VIT LPR using just user environment of Management Application and no additional software is required);
  • VitMLXP Gateway - plugin for Management Application (enables to define logic of events processing, for example: events and alarms filtration, connection external data sources, number plate lists management and much more).

For example, system can include one VIT Configurator module and unlimited number of recognition services with VIT LPR module.

AutoCode LPR module can be provided in 2 versions: AutoCode Lite and AutoCode. The basic difference is in speed of video stream processing. AutoCode is designed to process 25 fps, and AutoCode Lite - 6 fps.

To get detailed information, please see documentation and contact our managers.

System Features

AutoCode XProtect 2.0 Lite:

  • receiving video from XProtect video sources;
  • transmission recognised number and accompanying information (source, type of event, post ID, etc.) as text in XProtect event system;
  • maintaining a database of recognized numbers;
  • search in the archive of recognized numbers;
  • creation of video archive;
  • scalability of software system;
  • generation of alerts and operating actions in accordance with highly customizable algorithms.

AutoCode XProtect 2.0:

  • live traffic flows monitoring, the collection and analysis of statistical data;
  • centralized management of observation posts;
  • maintaining the database of recognized numbers;
  • search in archive of recognized plate numbers;
  • visual and sound alerts for operator when alarm events occure;
  • generation of alerts and operating actions in accordance with highly customizable algorithms;
  • creation of photo and video archive;
  • multilevel system of access rights separation.

Documentation, video tutorials, demo-versions of AutoCode XProtect 2.0

This section contains all the support documentation for VIT Products for XProtect.

AutoCode XProtect 2.0 (for XProtect Enterprise version)
AutoCode XProtect 2.0 (for XProtect Corporate version)

Stories of Implementation of AutoСode XProtect 2.0

Olympic complex "Luzhniki"

Presentation Materials

AutoCode XProtect 2.0 Description

XProtect Video Surveillance System from Milestone

The Danish company Milestone Systems is a pioneer and world leader in the field of development software with an open architecture, which is used in IP-surveillance security systems of any scale. Besides video viewing and recording on your PC Milestone software provides all necessary functions to configure, control and mananage fixed and rotating IP cameras. Open architecture and APIs allow to integrate the software with other systems, and to work with a wide range of IP-equipment, including more than 400 models of IP-based cameras and video servers from 35 manufacturers. The functionality and reliability of different versions of Milestone software are confirmed by 35,000 installations in 90 countries, and by the years of their operation. The XProtect software is the core of video surveillance system and integrates all the functions needed for a meaningful and highly efficient network video surveillance.

AutoCode XProtect 2.0 AutoCode XProtect 2.0