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About OutdoorBOX

Protected computer, designed for the installation in outdoor conditions or in the places that require heightened dust- and moist- protection (industrial plants, car washes, etc.).

Small size and weight allows the installation on the pillars, "frames" or pendulous constructions.

OutdoorBOX can be used as a part of video surveillance systems.

Presentation materials

Download information about OutdoorBOX

Main characteristics

  • Small size;
  • Passive processor cooling system;
  • Dust- and moist- protection;
  • High perfomance.

General features

  • Dust- and moist- protection level IP66;
  • Wide operational temperature range: -40 …+50°С;
  • High performance at the level of desktop systems;
  • Hardware watchdog timer to provide the operational time 24/7;
  • Power voltage 10 … 26 V (12 V recommended), possibility to work from the onboard vehicle network;
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, USB, VGA;
  • Dimensions (mm): 250х250х140 mm and weight less then 7 kg;
  • OutdoorBOX can record up to 64 video channels;
  • Depending on the computer configuration and the surveillance system.

Optionally may be included

  • GPS;
  • Additional SSD\HDD;
  • WiFi;
  • WiMax;
  • Discrete control and input module (“dry contacts”), 4 input + 4 output;
  • Video capture card (up to 8 channels);
  • RS485 interface board (4 independent channels).

Video surveillance construction schemes

Analog camera + video capture board

Cameras are connected directly to the video capture board, which is installed in OutdoorBOX.

Analog camera + IP-server

Cameras are connected to the IP-server, which digitizes signal and transmits it to OutdoorBOX by TCP/IP protocol.


Camera transmits compressed signal (MPEG-4, H.264, MJPEG) to OutdoorBOX by TCP/IP protocol.


Model OutdoorBOX i3 OutdoorBOX i5 OutdoorBOX i7
Processor Intel® Core™ i3-3220T / i3-3240T Intel® Core™ i5 3750T Intel® Core™ i7-3770T / Intel® Core™ i7-4770T
Chipset Intel® H77 / Q77 Intel® H77 / Q77 Intel® H77 / Q77 / Q87
RAM up to 16 Gb
(min 4 Gb)
up to 16 Gb
(min 4 Gb)
up to 16 Gb
(min 4 Gb)
Drive* SSD up to 2 Tb
(min 128 Gb)
SSD up to 2 Tb
(min 256 Gb)
SSD up to 2 Tb
(min 512 Gb)
Power consumption:
without heating
with heating

up to 80 w
up to 180 w

up to 80 w
up to 180 w

up to 80 w
up to 180 w
Cooling and control scheme + + +
Outdoor case + + +
Power supply unit + + +

*It is possible to replace SSD with HDD

OutdoorBOX OutdoorBOX