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About Overseer Traffic

Overseer Traffic version is designed mostly for state organisations, instead of commercial use. In comparison with parking video surveillance systems, Overseer Traffic is different by high-speed recognition of vehicle number plates in the video stream – full 25 frames per second (fps). This allows using it in busy places, at intercity and international roads, where car flow is strong and moves at a high speed.

Overseer Traffic supports full cascading, during use of which some servers are in charge of data gathering and its primary processing, while report generation, archiving and other functions are carried out by the other servers. It improves the reliability of the system functioning in general and its fault tolerance.

One more advantage of Overseer Traffic is the possibility of outer device connection. There is an ability to set flexible operational rules when traffic lights or radars are connected to the system. For example, it is possible to optimize work of the traffic lights depending on the car flow strength. One more example is to introduce automation into the processes of the reports compilation on the traffic rule violations and fines calculation.

Documentation, video tutorials, demo-versions of Overseer Traffic

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Implementation Stories

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