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Licensing policy

VIT Analytic Service for XProtect modules are licensed by the following rules:

  • VIT Configurator – not protected;
  • VIT Analytic server (Analytic Manager) – protected with Sentinel HASP;
  • VIT LPR (распознавание) – protected with Sentinel HASP;
  • VIT Gateway -protected with Sentinel HASP;
  • VIT Viewer - not protected.

Sentinel HASP - a solution that provides the hardware (USB-keys HASP HL) or software (HASP SL) software protection. Software protection is used with demo versions of the product (Provisional license) in other cases hardware protection is used.

By default and according to the licensing policy of VIT Company demo version with software protection can’t be run under the virtual machine. If it is necessary to run demo version under the virtual machine, please, request manages of VIT Company for a new HASP – key firmware. Also, you must add your current c2v-file to you request.

To get current c2v file, please, do the following:

  • run HASP Key Manager, that was installed with VIT LPR module;
  • press “Collect Information” button and save c2v-file you receive.

No additional actions must be performed for full version of the VIT Analytic Service for XProtect. It can be run under the virtual machine, but before start working make sure that virtual machine is connected with USB-key HASP HL. If you don’t see information about key on the virtual machine, please, contact you system administrator and ask him to add your key to hardware devices of your virtual machine.

Installation And Configuration Of The System’s Modules

Step 1. Installation Of The System's Modules

For correct installation of the system’s modules next steps must be performed consistently:

  • install VIT Configurator module on the computer with Milestone XProtect Management Client, following the instructions of the installer. Installation parameters: all installation parameters must be left “as is” except the setting "Channels type". This setting must be set as "Only LPR";
  • install VIT Gateway module on the computer with Milestone XProtect Management Client, following the instructions of the installer;
  • install VIT Analytic server (Analytic Manager) module on the computer where the recognition will be performed (on the computer with HASP key);
  • install VIT LPR (recognition) module on the computer where Analytics server (Analytic Manager) was installed;
  • install VIT Viewer module on the computer where Milestone Smart Client was installed.


All installations should be run as Administrator. To do that the one should click with mouse right button on the installer icon and select "Run as Administrator" option from the context menu.

Step 2. Milestone XProtect Management Client Configuration

Milestone Management Application small configuration must be performed for correct functioning of VIT Recognition Server. Namely:

  • connect the video;
  • enable Analytic events and define their parameters;
  • create Analytics events for VIT Recognition Server.

Full description of these actions and settings is available in the documentation provided by Milestone Company and in the «MA configuration guide» provided by VIT.

Step 3. System's Modules Configuration

Modules configuration and synchronization must be performed for correct functioning of VIT Recognition Server. Namely:

  • VIT Configurator:
    • create and configure Source Server;
    • create and configure Target Server;
    • create Recognition Server;
    • create and configure recognition Channel, that is connected with recognition server, created at the previous stage;
  • VIT Analytic server:
    • synchronize VIT Analytic server with Milestone Management Application where VIT Configurator was managed;
  • VIT Viewer:
    • set up VIT Viewer displaying to review recognition events.

VIT Gateway provides additional functionality of analysis for number plates that were recognized. So, its adjusting is not mandatory and depends on the problem that is solved.

Install Guide And Troubleshouting Руководство инсталятора. Типичные вопросы и их решение