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This type of cameras is used in case the video flow should be taken from ACTi IP-cameras.

To select and configure ACTi ip-camera as the data source, one must perform consistently the following steps (see fig. Channel settings. Selection and configuration of ACTi ip-camera as the video source):

  1. select source type- IP-camera;
  2. select type of the camera- ACTi;
  3. configure the video flow transmission parameters.

Channel settings. Selection and configuration of ACTi ip-camera as the video source

IP address - in this field you must enter the Ip-address of the camera, in the format xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxx, where up to ':' - it's just IP-address of the camera, and after - the port number.

Login and password. In this fields you should enter the login and password for access to the IP-camera.

Profile. If the device gives the video a few streams, then the flow number indicates in this field, from which must to be handled the signal.

Turning the option Use settings enables user’s settings of resolution, quality and priority of video processing. If this option is turned off, camera settings are being used. One should be careful with manual settings, because in most cases camera settings can be fixed more precisely for a specific task.

The encoder (compression). This field specifies the necessary compression, Н.264, MJPEG и MPEG4 formats are being supported for ACTi IP-cameras.

Resolution. This field is to select the necessary resolution. Increasing the resolution effects directly proportional on the quality of recognition, and is inversely proportional to the speed of data transmission. The following types of resolutions are available for ACTi IP-cameras: 160*112, 320*240, 640*480, 1280x720, and 1280x960.

Framerate. Defines the number of frames that are transferred per one second. In the ACTi IP –camera 1, 2, 5, 10, 15 и 30 frames per second can be transferred.