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System installation consists of the several steps:

  1. Insert security dongle (HASP) into USB connector.
  2. Turn on computer
  3. Run installation program. During the installation process determine folders, into which system and data base should be installed, agree to install all components.
  4. After installation of all components restart computer.
  5. Get the system started.

This document provides step by step system installation instructions.

Steps of installation

Step 0. Before installation

Unzip installation package on c: partition (i.e. c:\install\...)
Run setup.exe with "Run as Administrator" option (right button click for context menu).

Step 1. Security warning

To start system installation program file with .exe extension specified to launch system program installation should be run. "Open File - Security Warning" popup box will be displayed. To continue installation, click "Run".

Step 2. Installation language choice

System will suggest to select language of application installation. Please note, that given language is set only for forms that will be displayed during the installation process. Language of the application can be selected later. Installation can be performed either in Russian or English.

Step 3. Welcome window

At this step, system Setup Wizard dialog box is displayed, in which installable application name and version are shown. In order to continue the installation, click "Next". Clicking "Cancel" button will close the program and cancel installation process.

Step 4. Installable application language choice

In the next dialog box, system interface language should be selected. Please, note that later it will be difficult to change system interface language, so it is necessary to set the language which will be the most convenient to work. At the current time, the following interface languages are available:

  • russian;
  • english;
  • spanish;
  • ukrainian.

Step 5. License agreement acceptance

At this step dialog window with license agreement is displayed. In order to continue system installation license agreement accept the terms. For this it is necessary to read agreement text and check the box against “Accept” .

Step 6. System basic components installation path selection

At this step system installation path should be selected. User can specify any other installation path. For this click “Browse” button and in dialog window select the path. Default installation path depends on installable system.

Step 7. System basic components installation path selection

At this step it is required to select data base storage path. By default system is installed at address С:\postgres. However, user can specify any other installation location. For this click “Browse” button and select new path in a dialog window.

Step 8. Installable components selection

At this step it is necessary to define components to be installed. For correct system operation it is required to install all given components, thus complete installation is set as default. If any of the components have been previously installed, it is possible to refuse their re-install. For this select “Custom installation” option and deselect check boxes against those components that should not be installed.

Step 9. Back up adjustment

At this step it is necessary to specify back up parameters.

For back up adjustment the following parameters should be specified:

  • data base path – path specified in step 7 of this manual;
  • back up folder path – folder to which data base back up will be performed should be specified;
  • back up period – frequency of back up (once in specified number of days);
  • back up will start at (HH:MM) – time of back up start;
  • list of back up bases – the list of data bases for which the back up will be performed.

In case if there is no need in back up, it is necessary to deselect check box against “Back up is on”.

Step 10. Installation parameters confirmation

At this step confirmation of previously specified installation parameters is performed. In case data are correct, click “Install” button, and system installation will start. If data were specified incorrectly, click “Back” button, this will allow to go back to the previous steps and make changes.

Step 11. System installation process

At this step system and additional selected components installation is performed. At this time windows displaying installation process state will be shown.

Displayed windows depend on components selected on Step 8. During installation of the additional components, it is necessary to follow the installation instructions, for example, accept user agreement, etc. In case any component installation requires restarting computer, refuse it – computer will be restarted after installation of the entire system and all its components.

Step 12. System installation accomplishment

Upon completion of installation, system installation completion dialog window will be shown. To complete the installation, user should select "Yes, restart my computer now" and click "Finish".

After restarting, it is possible to configure the system.

AutoCode Install Guide Руководство по установке AutoCode